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Landscape Irrigation in Plano, TX

Our company has years of experience in the irrigation industry and we are dedicated to giving each of our customers the best service possible. If you have any questions about our business, please feel free to contact us.

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Irrigation Contractors in Plano

Your landscape’s longevity is highly based on the type of equipment utilized to water the vegetation. Because of this, we recommend the installation of a professional sprinkler system. This will not only ensure your greenery stays healthy, but will save you time and money in the long run.

If you are considering a sprinkler system installation, we highly recommend reaching out for professional assistance. Only a licensed technician will be able to provide you with a detailed evaluation of your outdoor space and recommend features catered to your specific situation.

A lawn irrigation system is a complicated mechanical device with numerous pieces of equipment that work together to make it function. Unfortunately, like every system, certain components are needed to improve its functionality. Even with the best maintenance and care, it is still important to evaluate your system and determine the best options for your landscape.





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Modern Irrigation Technology

An irrigation system ages with time, which means the original features will fall out of date. It is important to request regular inspections to assess your watering technology and discuss potential renovations. This is done to increase the efficiency of your irrigation equipment, which can include replacing outdated components with upgraded technologies.

A common technique is to upgrade the hardware. This will allow the user to control the irrigation system by programming features such as watering requirements, time of use, and even connecting it with the local weather forecast. This gives the user the possibility to manage every aspect of the landscape irrigation.

Another recommended procedure is to switch from spray sprinklers to contemporary drip emitters with a system conversion. Drip irrigation is easier to control, and is focused on optimizing natural resources, which is necessary in today’s push to stay environmentally friendly.

Irrigation System Upgrade

Disrepairs – It is normal to need an occasional sprinkler repair in Plano due to everyday wear and tear. However, if you find yourself replacing a nozzle and valve every week, or there is a major problem that you cannot seem to solve, the overall system may need to be evaluated and upgraded.

Leaks – Commonly occur if the sprinkler winterization is ignored. While they can appear in multiple areas of the system, leaks in the mainline will cause an overall underperformance of your irrigation system because water will not be delivered efficiently to the needed areas.

Longevity – Oftentimes, the biggest indicator that your sprinkler system needs an upgrade is age. If your system was installed more than 15 years ago, we highly recommend upgrading. As technology continues to advance, so will the equipment that is used for irrigation systems. Upgrades will save time, money, and will allow you to be more energy efficient.

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Sprinkler System Reroute

It is expected that your landscaping needs are going to change with time. When your landscape changes, your sprinkler system will need to be rerouted in order to accommodate.

Garden expansion – Additions to your garden will require irrigation to areas that were not initially included in your system design. Sprinkler systems will need to be moved to accommodate to the new greenery to ensure that the vegetation stays alive and healthy.

Landscape restructure – Changes to your landscape, including new patios, sidewalks, and pools may impact your current system layout. If these changes fall along your irrigation system design, it will need to be adjusted to guarantee all greenery is being managed and the system stays intact.

Addition of property – If you add space onto your backyard, or decide to include greenery in your front yard, your sprinkler system will need to be moved to accommodate to the expanded landscape.

Residential & Commercial

With more than 15 years of experience in the irrigation industry, no project is too small or big for us. Our technicians are trained to handle a multitude of tasks, ranging from simple sprinkler tune-ups to complex system installations. As a result, we offer quality irrigation solutions to both residential and commercial property owners within the surrounding areas of our community.


Damaged parts impact the overall efficiency of a system and deteriorate the health of a landscape.


To avoid constant disrepairs, an irrigation system requires periodical maintenance throughout the year.


Due to wear and tear, outdated irrigation systems need to be replaced approximately every 15 years.


Currently, spray sprinklers and drip lines are the standard solution for common irrigation needs.

Call Our Licensed Technicians

If you are searching for superior irrigation services, then call us now to schedule an appointment with a trained professional. A licensed technician will visit your property, conduct a thorough assessment, and troubleshoot any issues affecting the irrigation system.

Due to our convenient location, expect quick response times and affordable rates. Our team will arrive on time to solve your irrigation problems. After all, we are a trusted local company that is committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction with quality solutions.