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Irrigation Maintenance in Plano, TX

Our company has years of experience in the irrigation industry and we are dedicated to giving each of our customers the best service possible. If you have any questions about our business, please feel free to contact us.

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Plano Irrigation Services

For several years, we have provided the best lawn sprinkler installation for property owners. However, typical users believe that the irrigation system should always function seamlessly. As such, many individuals avoid performing common tasks to preserve the integrity of vital components.

Like any other mechanical device, upkeep is essential to avoid unfortunate system malfunctions. Ideally, the irrigation equipment and backflow preventer should be assessed at least once a year. During the warm weather months, you need a solid maintenance plan to keep the sprinklers operating at optimal level.

If you are unaware of how irrigation systems are built, then call us to schedule an appointment with a licensed technician. Enlisting the services of a professional to conduct the maintenance will offer you peace of mind. Our company can protect your investment and landscape with regular system audits, sprinkler tune-ups, and backflow tests.





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Lack of Maintenance Issues

If you ever fail to perform the necessary maintenance, expect a myriad of issues and costly disrepairs that will affect the long-term functionality of the irrigation system. A poorly maintained unit will increase water bills significantly and become a detriment to the health of your greenery.

The initial signs of a neglected equipment are faulty sprinkler heads and deficient control valves. These mechanical malfunctions inevitably cause a low pressure and inconsistent irrigation patterns. Hence, most of the water never reaches the intended zones within the landscape. This could create muddy or patchy lawn spots throughout the entire yard.

More serious complications include shattered underground pipes, an unresponsive control panel, and a damaged backflow prevention device. These system breakdowns are not affordable to repair, but they can certainly be prevented with regular assessments and seasonal tune-ups.

Sprinkler System Upkeep

Inexperienced users might be able to conduct simple maintenance on an irrigation system. Nonetheless, handling basic upkeep does not mean you should avoid professional assistance. There are certain tasks that only licensed technicians should perform.

The maintenance process that our company follow begins with an audit. The objective is to identify system misconfigurations, damaged parts, or leaking components. Once the problems that are affecting the functionality of the equipment are identified, the technicians perform a sprinkler tune-up.

This sprinkler tune-up usually involves cleaning clogged nozzles and filters, flushing PVC pipes and risers, adjusting or replacing faulty sprinkler heads, configuring the water pressure and irrigation patterns, sealing external or underground leaks, updating the controller settings, and replacing the backup batteries.

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Winterization and Spring Start-Up

All irrigation systems should also be serviced before and after every winter season. However, most property owners wrongfully assume that deactivating or restarting the equipment is a simple DIY task. If you need help with the winterization or spring activation, then contact us to schedule an appointment with a licensed professional.

It is extremely important to winterize the unit via the “blow out” method before the first frost of each year, which usually occurs the last week of November in the area. Otherwise, the water left inside the system will cause substantial damage and you will need an Allen sprinkler repair.

After the cold has dissipated, the sprinklers need to be restarted with a spring activation during the growing season, which begins the first or second week of March. The reactivation process typically involves regulating the water flow, programming the control panel, replacing the backup battery, adjusting the sprinkler heads, and detecting system leaks.

Residential & Commercial

With more than 15 years of experience in the irrigation industry, no project is too small or big for us. Our technicians are trained to handle a multitude of tasks, ranging from simple sprinkler tune-ups to complex system installations. As a result, we offer quality irrigation solutions to both residential and commercial property owners within the surrounding areas of our community.

System Winterization

Protect your irrigation system and backflow preventer from the imminent winter months.

Spring Activation

Restart your sprinklers and ensure that all essential components are operating seamlessly.

Call Our Licensed Technicians

If you are searching for superior irrigation services, then call us now to schedule an appointment with a trained professional. A licensed technician will visit your property, conduct a thorough assessment, and troubleshoot any issues affecting the irrigation system.

Due to our convenient location, expect quick response times and affordable rates. Our team will arrive on time to solve your irrigation problems. After all, we are a trusted local company that is committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction with quality solutions.