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Sprinkler System in Plano, TX

Our company has years of experience in the irrigation industry and we are dedicated to giving each of our customers the best service possible. If you have any questions about our business, please feel free to contact us.

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Sprinkler Installers in Plano

Lawn sprinkler systems are known for their incredible convenience when it comes to landscape irrigation. Whether they are set to water a backyard lawn or a commercial yard, lawn sprinklers can cover the entire desired area. Rather than lugging a hose around your yard, a sprinkler system will give you the time and flexibility to focus on other aspects of your lawn.

While it may seem easy, setting up a sprinkler system is a complicated task. Planning your system, mapping out the water line, digging to place the system, and more is usually beyond the average person’s irrigation knowledge. Fortunately, our irrigation technicians are professionally licensed and have a firm understanding of how to complete this project for you and are able to do it for a competitive price.

We can ensure that your sprinkler system is set up to water evenly, efficiently, and in the most environmentally-friendly way. Call us today to schedule an inspection to bring your lawn to life.





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Benefits of Spray Irrigation

Spray irrigation has been around for over 100 years. It was first invented to help farmers water their crops, and has since transitioned to be a typical homeowner’s necessity. Lawn sprinklers are a great choice for those who have expansive areas that need to be tended to, whether it be your front yard or your commercial landscape.

This type of sprinkler system is one of the most convenient ways to irrigate your landscape. They can be set on timers to activate during a scheduled time, which saves you from having to manually turn on the sprinklers. Some sprinklers even have sensors that can detect rain, which would shut off the system so they do not overwater.

Spray irrigation is strategically set to ensure that each section of your lawn is watered evenly. This eliminates the frustration of manual watering, which often leads to both dry patches and overwatered areas. The proper amount of irrigation will guarantee that your lawn stays green and hydrated.

Sprinkler System Installation

Are you ready to install lawn sprinklers? If so, contact us to schedule a property inspection. Our technicians are trained to design functional, expansive irrigation units in just four easy steps.

01. Assessment – Our licensed professionals will evaluate the property to determine if you need spray sprinklers or a modern drip irrigation system design.

02. Estimate – After the inspection, our technicians will give you a thorough analysis of what work needs to be done and what equipment is needed. We will give you an in-depth quote that breaks down each cost.

03. Installation – Once the quote has been approved, our technicians will design and assemble your new irrigation system. Then, we will provide a comprehensive walk-through of how to manage the equipment.

04. Maintenance – In order to keep your device in prime condition, we offer optional follow-up maintenance. We are available for any questions or concerns regarding upkeep and repairs.

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Lawn sprinklers are mechanical systems, which are bound to break down and succumb to wear and tear. Even with proper maintenance, your system will eventually need attention and potential fixes. That is why we offer the best McKinney sprinkler repair, with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our technicians will assess the problem and determine the cause by completing a thorough evaluation of the system and your property. When the problem is detected, our technicians will analyze what repairs need to be done and will provide a full quote of the services and equipment needed to fix the problem.

When the quote has been approved, the technicians will repair the faulty mechanisms or pieces of equipment. All repairs will be explained upon completion. After the repairs, we offer a maintenance plan to help manage and preserve your sprinkler system. We remain available for any questions or concerns following the repair and will provide advice and assistance for future maintenance needs.

Residential & Commercial

With more than 15 years of experience in the irrigation industry, no project is too small or big for us. Our technicians are trained to handle a multitude of tasks, ranging from simple sprinkler tune-ups to complex system installations. As a result, we offer quality irrigation solutions to both residential and commercial property owners within the surrounding areas of our community.


Damaged parts impact the overall efficiency of a system and deteriorate the health of a landscape.


To avoid constant disrepairs, an irrigation system requires periodical maintenance throughout the year.


Due to wear and tear, outdated irrigation systems need to be replaced approximately every 15 years.


Currently, spray sprinklers and drip lines are the standard solution for common irrigation needs.

Call Our Licensed Technicians

If you are searching for superior irrigation services, then call us now to schedule an appointment with a trained professional. A licensed technician will visit your property, conduct a thorough assessment, and troubleshoot any issues affecting the irrigation system.

Due to our convenient location, expect quick response times and affordable rates. Our team will arrive on time to solve your irrigation problems. After all, we are a trusted local company that is committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction with quality solutions.